Thursday, May 16, 2013

Old MacDonald's farm

 We started off the morning with puzzles  This is one we had not tried before, so the kids "co-operated and it was put together in no time at all
 Then we moved on to our "Old MacDonald theme--we mad these cute cows made with paper plates  Brooklyn thought that her cow had stepped in blue paint

 Sammy did a great job on his cow, too

 Brigham liked Brook's blue paint idea, and made his cow with blue lets, too
 Cooper show off his cow, too

 And so does Avery
I found these cute  "cow" bingogames
Avery and Cooper chose the "pig" bingo games
Cooper got the "under the sea" three d book mark as a prize
 Cooper is still working on tying his shoe laces

It was a good week for our preK 

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