Saturday, January 14, 2012

Halloween fun with bobbing for doughnuts, costumes , crafts and games

looks like our lion king
they made haunted houses

Devin is our tiger for the day!
space rangers?
They love darth vader
When we role played little red riding hood, Oakley was Red and Rockwell was the wolf

Crazy as it sounds, the little sweeper is a favorite. They each take turns sweeping up the classroom and this is Oakley having a turnWhen we did our "under the sea" theme, I found this cute curtain for "effect" and we made octupus and other sea creature which we pinned to the "water"
Rockwell shows his mat with the letter "G" made with straight lines and curves
Jack has made his "G" too!
This is our sea creation

We had circus day and they kids all had a ball.

One of the really big hits is when they get to play in the tents!!

Tara is typical little girls and can almost always be found in the kitchen

Preschool started off this year with Jack, Oakley, Rockwell, Devin, and Tara Here's Jack
Here's Tara
Here's Oakley

Tara and the babies
The boys and their toys and they love the weapons!!

One of the biggest fun thing is this tiger costume
Devin checks out the sink

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